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You're a bastard.
I broke up with you last October. A few days after I did, Kat sends me the IMs you just sent to her telling her that you couldn't keep your eyes off her at my grad party last July and that you thought the two of you would be great together. Then, Amy told me that you were also checking her out at my party. And today, I hear that you have been hitting on Jacqui and trying to get her to hang with you. She doesn't want to, because you're a pathetic liar and all you want is a place to put your tiny dick. I bet if Amy had an AIM name you would telling her about having a hard-on for her too!

I would understand that you would go after one of my closest friends a few days later out of spite. The fact that you more or less went after all three of them just boggles my mind. Are you that desperate to get laid? Do you think we don't talk? Did you think that I wouldn't believe them when they told me? Do you think of anything apart from weed and tits?

Well, I have some news for you. Today on our drive to the mall, Jacqui, Kat and I talked for at least 10-15 minutes about what a pathetic, desperate jackass you are. I told them all about how you spend your time on Gaia lying to total strangers about how successful and cool you are, when really you're just a pothead with delusions of adequacy and a need for a shrink. I flipped off the street you live on when we passed it.

Spare us your sob stories, excuses and bullshit and go brush your fucking hair for once. Asshole.


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