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Goober and Dingdong do Connecticon.
On Sunday the tenth, I went to the last of Connecticon with my pal Adam, aka Tick. Since neither of us drive, my parents offered to drop us off and then go to Mohegan Sun which is only half an hour away from the convention center.

I didn't go in a costume this year, I just threw together a cute outfit the night before, and brought my FREE HUGS sign with me. Tick went as CFO from Metalocalypse, only he didn't wear the suit jacket because it can get kind of hot in that convention building and we would definitely be running around a lot. My mom commented when we came to pick him up he looked like he was going to a wedding.

We stopped for Dunkin Donuts on the way, I got a Blue Raspberry Coolata, because I wanted something cold and I have this strange fascination with blue liquid. (Seriously, I'm surprised I haven't tried to drink Windex at this point) Tick had brought with him a brandy snifter as a prop for his costume, and a water bottle filled with apple juice. He said what if a cop car drove up alongside us and saw Tick sitting there holding the snifter full of apple juice. We had a good laugh over that. Actually, the entire car ride there we came close to peeing ourselves with laughter.

My parents dropped us off in the parking garage (after briefly circling around and getting lost) and we followed a group of cosplayers to the nearest elevator. We got to the convention center and I could already feel my energy building up and I warned Tick I was going to be very hyper for the next few hours. We registered and got our badges and the fun began.

We went up one of the escalators and pretty much walked right into a friend of Tick's. We said hello and Tick introduced me and we talked about going for the whole weekend next year and the like, and then I dragged Tick off to make sure he got as much of the Connecticon experience as possible.

I introduced him to the wonders of the Dealer Room and Artist's Alley, getting free hugs all along the way. In the Artist's Alley, my eye fell on a pile of adorable handmade dolls that looked kind of like voodoo dolls. I admired them, told the vendor I would think about it (because I wanted to look around more before buying the first thing I saw, since I had a limited amount of money) I eventually caved and went back and picked out a black cloth doll with rainbow yarn hair. I named him Samedi and carried him around for the rest of the day.

There were quite a few good costumes this year. I was mostly on the lookout for Team Fortress cosplays since I've been obsessed with it lately. I did come across an excellent Scout and Engineer cosplay whom I took a picture with. I also met an enormously cute boy who was dressed as the Heavy. The costume wasn't the best I've seen but he was darling and kept indulging my fangirlishness by shouting Heavy's lines. I also saw him later in the day and he gave me a bearhug. eeee~

Other noteworthy cosplays we saw were Waldo, Mario, Caroline from Portal 2, Sailor Moon, Cobra Commander, Inspector Gadget, and Jesus. There was a fantastic Emperor Kuzco cosplayer, when I saw him I ran over and threw myself facedown on the floor, which pleased him. Then I got up and asked His Majesty for a photo. Then Duke Nukem showed up and took Kuzco's crown, and hilarity ensued. I also had to chase after Tick because he saw two guys dressed as Skullkid and the Mask Salesman from Majora's Mask and pretty much jizzed his pants.

Then we saw Deadpool and geeked out briefly in the distance before running over and asking him for a picture, which he accepted. His costume and characterization were great, and he asked to hold Tick's brandy snifter while he posted with us. He put his other arm around me, which made me squee.

I got so many hugs from people, and since I'm a cuddlewhore I was in heaven. Two that I must mention are the Joker, who 'stabbed' me and a very cute catboy who purred in my ear. (teehee.) I also shouted "GROUP HUG!" at one point and got swarmed. That's what I love most about Connecticon, that I can be as silly and goofy as I want and everyone pretty much encourages it.

We also went back to the Dealer Room to say hi to some of the webcomic artists that were there, including the guys from Cyanide and Happiness. Tick told them how much we liked the Barbershop Quartet Hits On Girl From Taxi short and they immediately started singing it at us. Tick and I chimed in on the "Oooooo-ooooohh shiiiiiiit!" line. It was wonderful. I also got to meet David Walker from Shortpacked! and tell him how much I loved the comic he did about Aslan and Harry Potter at the bus stop.

There were a few guys with guitars this year, one of whom was supposed to be Scott Pilgrim. He was very sweet and I regret that we didn't take a picture with him. We met him in the same area as Inspector Gadget, and he probably started playing the Inspector Gadget theme song. I tell you, you can't rehearse things like that.

Eventually my three hours of sleep and low blood sugar was beginning to catch up with me, right around the time my parents were going to come and get us, so good timing. Tick and I didn't want to leave, but ya know, there's always next year. Not too long after we got in the car I tipped my hat over my eyes and fell asleep, although it didn't feel like I fell asleep because I was sitting up. Tick insisted that I was OUT and that I talk in my sleep. Which he proceeded to text and tell everyone, I know because I received said text. ASS.


The Super-Awesome-Mega-Happy-Big-Ass Update!
Well, since I haven't posted since September, here's another giant bulleted list of what I've been up to the past seven months.

- My literature professor was a total flake and missed like half of our classes and ended up getting fired when the semester ended in December.

- I had to get up at 7 AM every Saturday morning to attend my Public Speaking class, something I will never do again, EVER. But it was a good small class and I learned a lot. My speech on size acceptance got excellent reviews.

- I went with Kat to Philadelphia to go on a haunted prison tour, which was very cool. Got to eat at some awesome restaurants too!

- Even though I'm twenty I went trick or treating with some friends. I put on my black peacoat and drew stitches on my face, and I got a buttload of candy that lasted for about two weeks.

- We got our roof redone and I got to endure the sound of hammers and drills over my head as I tried to sleep in the morning.

- We went to my mom's cousin's house in upstate New York for Thanksgiving, and also went up to Lake Placid for the day, where we encountered snow. Stupid Me didn't bring gloves or a hat.

- Awesome Christmas where I received a lot of Betty White and Frida Kahlo-related items. And also a sock monkey whom I've named Fernando.

- Only taking two classes this semester, Intro to Algebra and Appreciation of Film. My Algebra professor is adorable and my Film professor is a slightly creepy hippie who dropped the F bomb like six times during the first class. Also, incredibly cute Turkish boy in Algebra class.

- I actually found some friendly people in my class whom I can sit with in Math lab, which is a nice change from sitting alone.

- I started taking tap-dance lessons with my mom and dad.

- I randomly got sick as a dog one day, including a fever that had me trembling with how cold I was, even though I was covered in blankets. The fever mercifully broke overnight and I felt ten times better.

- For Valentine's Day I got a cold sore the size of Jupiter...and also a bag of Jelly Bellies.

- I tapdanced with my mom to Achy-Breaky Heart in front of a bunch of old people. I remembered why I hate that song.

- I found out a friend got me a ticket for the Rammstein concert on May 5th, which is also my 21st birthday. So now I'm even more excited for my birthday this year.

- I finally got a job! I'll be working for Peapod deliveries filling out the orders and stuff. I have yet to start working though because they need me to do the paperwork but right now their computers are down. But the point is, I got a job.

- Tomorrow I'm meeting this Mary Kay lady that my friend recommended to me and she's going to give a free facial and talk about make-up and stuff. I'm looking forward to it. :3

Just 'cause.
Six Names You Go By:
1. Sarah
2. Toasty (short for Space Toaster)
3. redpapereyelids (my AIM name)
4. Dipshit (thank you Tick)
5. 9055
6. Miss Sarah (name used by relatives on my dad's side)

Three Things You Are Wearing Now:
1. My necklace of red pull-tabs
2. Black Converse
3. My sexy-ass gray jeans

Three Things You Want Very Badly At the Moment:
1. The new Birthday Massacre album
2. Motivation to not do my homework at the last minute
3. A newer laptop, preferably one with a webcam so I can make faces at my friends on Skype

Three People Whom You Hope Will Do the Meme:
1. Don't
2. Really
3. Care

Three Things You Did Last Night:
1. Went to Literature class.
2. Gearchatted with my Gears and LadyGears about anime, Disney movies, and sex.
3. Put on rap music and did this horrible ass-wiggling dance in my chair. ...What? You asked!

Three People You Last Talked to On the Phone:
1. Mommy
2. Kat
3. Supaman

Three Things You Are Going to Do Tomorrow
1. Laundry
2. Work on my speech for Saturday
3. Maybe film myself performing a monologue I found the other night

Four of Your Favorite Drinks:
1. Iced coffee
2. Sweet tea
3. Pepsi
4. Captain and Coke

Three Things That Made You Smile Today:
1. Talking to Kat on the phone
2. Going to the library after class
3. Remembering the new Birthday Massacre album came out yesterday. *wantwantwantwantwantDAMNIneedajob*

(no subject)
And once again, it's been forever since I posted an entry. I've nothing to report really, except I'm starting my second year of college in a few weeks and I'm actually looking forward to it. I read The Golden Compass, also. IT'S AMAZING. Def. need to hit the library and pick up the next two books.

You're a bastard.
I broke up with you last October. A few days after I did, Kat sends me the IMs you just sent to her telling her that you couldn't keep your eyes off her at my grad party last July and that you thought the two of you would be great together. Then, Amy told me that you were also checking her out at my party. And today, I hear that you have been hitting on Jacqui and trying to get her to hang with you. She doesn't want to, because you're a pathetic liar and all you want is a place to put your tiny dick. I bet if Amy had an AIM name you would telling her about having a hard-on for her too!

I would understand that you would go after one of my closest friends a few days later out of spite. The fact that you more or less went after all three of them just boggles my mind. Are you that desperate to get laid? Do you think we don't talk? Did you think that I wouldn't believe them when they told me? Do you think of anything apart from weed and tits?

Well, I have some news for you. Today on our drive to the mall, Jacqui, Kat and I talked for at least 10-15 minutes about what a pathetic, desperate jackass you are. I told them all about how you spend your time on Gaia lying to total strangers about how successful and cool you are, when really you're just a pothead with delusions of adequacy and a need for a shrink. I flipped off the street you live on when we passed it.

Spare us your sob stories, excuses and bullshit and go brush your fucking hair for once. Asshole.

Would Anyone Else Like A Bite of Banality?
(Title lovingly ripped off from The Simpsons)

So lately I've been poking through fanfiction for horror movies lately in wake of the Nightmare On Elm Street remake which I am DYING to see. I apologize for the run-on sentence. Anyway, I've been re-inspired into writing fanfiction again, so I like to read other fanfiction and all that good shit.

I couldn't help but notice that nearly all fanfics concerned with horror movies are all the same, depending on the movie. So, here is your guide to Typical Horror Movie Fanfiction. I'm going to be using the 'Big Four' franchises, since I am most familiar with them.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

A girl goes on a road trip with her friends who usually treat her like shit because she's nothing like them. (In that case why the hell did she agree to going on a road trip with them?) Said shitty friends are killed and butchered. Despite Leatherface's mother's dislike of teenagers for how they treated her son, she lets the girl live with them because Leatherface has a thing for her. Not to mention, she is treated like a person by everyone except Hoyt. Girl eventually develops a thing for Leatherface, despite the fact he is a violent cannibal who judging by the looks of him doesn't bathe very often. ...OH, did I mention he peels off people's faces and wears them? You know, like Ed Gein? Yeah. Exactly.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

A girl, usually a Goth, moves against her will to Springwood. She moves into Nancy's old house and when she goes to high school she's an outcast, or she makes a one-dimensional friend. She meets Freddy in her dream, and somehow gets out of it with little more than a scratch. The story has potential to go in three different directions at this point. She either A) Befriends Freddy  B) Does the nasty with him  C) Becomes his oh-so-speshul apprentice

Friday the 13th
A girl from Jason's past goes to Camp Crystal Lake. He doesn't kill her, for some reason he doesn't have a nasty-ass zombie face and hot smexing ensues.


Michael encounters another killer or runs into a childhood friend and porn-without-plot ensues. Ta-da!

I'm In Love With Frida Kahlo
I’m In Love With Frida Kahlo
By Sarah Bross

A few months ago I wrote a paper about Frida Kahlo for Art Appreciation. Writing the paper was pure torture, because I’m just reiterating the facts I already read and changing them to be my own words. I love doing the reading for the paper, though.

The first time I saw one of Frida Kahlo’s paintings I was in the third grade. The art teacher gave us books about different artists to look at. I thought Frida’s pronounced unibrow pretty strange. When I got a look at her painting Without Hope, I was very grossed out and wouldn’t eat anything but English muffins for a while. Now that I’m older, the painting still kind of disturbs me. However, since I came to know Frida better, I can understand why she would put such an image onto a canvas.

When I look at her self portraits, I can see the pain in her eyes. She always looks so sad and defeated, but there’s a tiny bit of strength that she still holds onto. All Frida’s ever known is pain. When she was young she had polio and one leg was smaller than the other. When she was older, she was in a trolley accident that threw her into the street. She broke her ribs, pelvis, collarbone, spinal column, crushed her foot, fractured her leg, and if that weren’t enough, a metal handrail pierced her abdomen and uterus. Considering this happening in 1925, I can hardly believe she survived. This accident left her unable to bear children, which pained her further.

She married Diego Rivera who didn’t always treat her well, and cheated on her. She had a couple affairs of her own, too, but they still stayed together and loved each other. Diego was even painted on her forehead in a few self-portraits.

It’s funny, though, because if she wasn’t in that accident, maybe she wouldn’t have begun painting like she did. She started drawing and painting to pass the time in the hospital. Even after she recovered and dealt with other problems, she transferred her pain onto the canvas. And what amazes me, is that she is self-taught. Nobody handed her a brush and said ‘This is how you paint a bowl of fruit’, ‘This is how you paint a person’. I think sometimes there is something a person was just meant to do. I’m not sure who decides that, but Frida was meant to be an artist.

I love Frida because of everything she’s endured. Sickness, infidelity, pain, suffering, she took all of this, and she shared it with us. I love her because even though her paintings can be grotesque, but they’re still beautiful. They make you feel something because they reach out and grab you. They shake you by the shoulders and say THIS IS ME. I AM HERE. I AM REAL. I AM PAIN. I AM SUFFERING. I AM LOVE. I AM MISERY. I AM NOSTALGIA. I CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE IGNORED.

She died on July 13th, 1954. She was only 47. I would rather celebrate her birth. On July 6th, I’m going to light a candle for her if I can. If not I’ll at least have her in my thoughts. I will always remember Frida and what she shared with me.

Two Fridas.

Well, holy crap I haven't posted since Heart Day.
I'm just going to put what I've been up to in a bulleted list, because I like those.

- I applied for a job at Payless, no word from them yet. I need money for seriously.
- I'm still addicted to Farmville, because I'm a loser.
- I've come to the realization that Benicio Del Toro is amazing.
- I have entered the worlds of Skype and Tumblr.
- I found recipes for grasshopper pie, sea salt ice cream, and rainbow cake and I am DYING to try them out.
- I also made a cookie pie weeks ago, and it was amazing.
- My older brother turned 24 on the 25th, and I will turn 20 on May 5th.
- I finally have a computer in my room, and I love it.
- After obsessively playing through Haunting Ground a bazillion times, I'm back to playing Rule of Rose a bazillion more times. This time I'm going to find the Broken Robots and unlock the Ragdoll costume!
- I found two cartoons on YouTube that I hadn't seen since I was six, and the nostalgia shock almost killed me. Not to mention the shitty animation.
- I really, really, really, really want to get Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on DVD.
- I still seriously need money.

That is all, peace bitches.

My typical Anti-Valentine's Day rant
Valentine’s Day is bullshit.

It is nothing more than a commercial-driven holiday. The same can be said for Christmas, but THAT holiday still retains some meaning. The message I get from Christmas is it’s better to give than receive, look back on the year, and spend time with your family. The only message I get from Valentine’s Day is ‘Empty your wallet or die.’

Don’t get me wrong, I used to like Valentine’s Day. When I was little, I liked making little cards for all of my classmates and getting candy and stuff. Now that I’ve grown up and am capable of independent thought, the hidden messages are now drawn to my attention.

Guys get the short end of the stick on this day of money-sucking and proverbial castration. The pressure is put on them to blow all their hard-earned cash on their wife/girlfriend, because that’s the only way to show they care. Of course those who can afford this bullshit go over-the-top because they can and it only puts more pressure on the guys who can’t.

I’ve often slapped my palm to my face at the irrationality of my own gender. Valentine’s Day is no exception. Certain women turn into ravenous hell-beasts just because ALL their significant other did was present them with a card or a teddy bear. Poor them. Those whose S/O DO empty their bank account for them flaunt it, like it’s a badge of honor they successfully stripped their boyfriend/husband of his money and spine in one fell swoop.

I have no doubt someone reading this is thinking “Well, she probably only feels this way because she’s single and hasn’t received anything.” That’s not true. My parents would give me a small gift. I’ve also received a love letter and one of those silly little teddy bears that come with a message. Both of them were from a boy who had a big crush on me, and while I wasn’t ungrateful, I felt bad because I didn’t return his feelings.

My own parents don’t take Valentine’s Day that seriously. They exchange cards, but that’s about it, and they think the cards are a rip-off anyway. One year, they ran into each other at CVS when they were looking for a card for each other. So they both picked a card, traded, read them, said “Aww, thank you”, put the cards back, and walked out.

So, I’m not being a bitter young woman here, I just know bullshit when I see it. That’s my two cents, and if anyone needs me tomorrow I will be home protesting by wearing all black and listening to ‘I Hate Everyone’ by Get Set Go on an endless loop.

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

My typical Anti-Valentine's Day post

Valentine's Day is bullshit.

It's nothing but a bunch of companies brainwashing people into emptying their wallets to prove that they care about someone. Sure, the same thing happens at Christmas. However, Christmas still retains some meaning. Despite its own commercialism, Christmas is still about giving more than recieving, looking back on the year, and spending time with your family. The only message I get from Valentine's Day is this, "Empty your wallet or die." 

Now, I used to enjoy Valentine's Day. When I was little I liked making little cards for my classmates and getting those little candy hearts and all that stuff. Then I got older, and actually started thinking for myself, and I became more conscious of the messages sent by this money-sucking castrating 'holiday'.

I also can't help but feel bad for the guys on this so-called 'holiday'. All the pressure is put on them, because if they don't give their girlfriend/wife a stupid pink teddy bear, a cheesy card, chocolate or pay out the ass for some diamonds, they're not getting. I'm not saying this is the case for every relationship and every woman, but it does happen a lot. 

I've often slapped my palm to my face at the irrationality of my own gender. I'll be the one to admit it, some women can be crazy bitches. On Valentine's Day, certain women become ravenous hell-beasts, snarling at their date for his attempt to make her happy by presenting her with a pathetic card or teddy bear. The women whose dates go out of their way to make them happy, flaunt and compare their wealth like it's a badge of honor that they've stripped their boyfriend/husband out of his money AND his spine in one go.

I know there are skeptics reading this and thinking "You just don't like Heart Day because you're single and you don't get anything." That is not true. I've recieved a love letter, I recieved one of those silly little teddy bears with a message on it. Not to say that I didn't think it was a empty gesture, because I got both from a boy who genuinely had feelings for me. I did feel bad because I didn't return those feelings. (Although to be fair, he KNEW I didn't) My parents also give me a little card and some chocolate and my dad once got me and my mom flowers. My parents exchange cards, but neither of them really goes over the top for each other. They even think buying the cards is a rip-off. One year, they ran into each other at CVS when they were picking out cards. So they exchanged the cards, read them, said 'Awww', put the cards back and walked out.

I doubt my position on this day will change if I'm in a relationship. I'd rather tell him that I love him every day instead of doing it once a year. He can do the same for me, and those who know me can confirm that I'm not demanding at all.

So there's my ten cents. Go buy your diamond bracelets and your cheap lingerie and your fattening chocolate. I'll be at home wearing all black and listening to 'I Hate Everyone' by Get Set Go on an endless loop.

Happy Singles Awareness Day!


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