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Goober and Dingdong do Connecticon.
On Sunday the tenth, I went to the last of Connecticon with my pal Adam, aka Tick. Since neither of us drive, my parents offered to drop us off and then go to Mohegan Sun which is only half an hour away from the convention center.

I didn't go in a costume this year, I just threw together a cute outfit the night before, and brought my FREE HUGS sign with me. Tick went as CFO from Metalocalypse, only he didn't wear the suit jacket because it can get kind of hot in that convention building and we would definitely be running around a lot. My mom commented when we came to pick him up he looked like he was going to a wedding.

We stopped for Dunkin Donuts on the way, I got a Blue Raspberry Coolata, because I wanted something cold and I have this strange fascination with blue liquid. (Seriously, I'm surprised I haven't tried to drink Windex at this point) Tick had brought with him a brandy snifter as a prop for his costume, and a water bottle filled with apple juice. He said what if a cop car drove up alongside us and saw Tick sitting there holding the snifter full of apple juice. We had a good laugh over that. Actually, the entire car ride there we came close to peeing ourselves with laughter.

My parents dropped us off in the parking garage (after briefly circling around and getting lost) and we followed a group of cosplayers to the nearest elevator. We got to the convention center and I could already feel my energy building up and I warned Tick I was going to be very hyper for the next few hours. We registered and got our badges and the fun began.

We went up one of the escalators and pretty much walked right into a friend of Tick's. We said hello and Tick introduced me and we talked about going for the whole weekend next year and the like, and then I dragged Tick off to make sure he got as much of the Connecticon experience as possible.

I introduced him to the wonders of the Dealer Room and Artist's Alley, getting free hugs all along the way. In the Artist's Alley, my eye fell on a pile of adorable handmade dolls that looked kind of like voodoo dolls. I admired them, told the vendor I would think about it (because I wanted to look around more before buying the first thing I saw, since I had a limited amount of money) I eventually caved and went back and picked out a black cloth doll with rainbow yarn hair. I named him Samedi and carried him around for the rest of the day.

There were quite a few good costumes this year. I was mostly on the lookout for Team Fortress cosplays since I've been obsessed with it lately. I did come across an excellent Scout and Engineer cosplay whom I took a picture with. I also met an enormously cute boy who was dressed as the Heavy. The costume wasn't the best I've seen but he was darling and kept indulging my fangirlishness by shouting Heavy's lines. I also saw him later in the day and he gave me a bearhug. eeee~

Other noteworthy cosplays we saw were Waldo, Mario, Caroline from Portal 2, Sailor Moon, Cobra Commander, Inspector Gadget, and Jesus. There was a fantastic Emperor Kuzco cosplayer, when I saw him I ran over and threw myself facedown on the floor, which pleased him. Then I got up and asked His Majesty for a photo. Then Duke Nukem showed up and took Kuzco's crown, and hilarity ensued. I also had to chase after Tick because he saw two guys dressed as Skullkid and the Mask Salesman from Majora's Mask and pretty much jizzed his pants.

Then we saw Deadpool and geeked out briefly in the distance before running over and asking him for a picture, which he accepted. His costume and characterization were great, and he asked to hold Tick's brandy snifter while he posted with us. He put his other arm around me, which made me squee.

I got so many hugs from people, and since I'm a cuddlewhore I was in heaven. Two that I must mention are the Joker, who 'stabbed' me and a very cute catboy who purred in my ear. (teehee.) I also shouted "GROUP HUG!" at one point and got swarmed. That's what I love most about Connecticon, that I can be as silly and goofy as I want and everyone pretty much encourages it.

We also went back to the Dealer Room to say hi to some of the webcomic artists that were there, including the guys from Cyanide and Happiness. Tick told them how much we liked the Barbershop Quartet Hits On Girl From Taxi short and they immediately started singing it at us. Tick and I chimed in on the "Oooooo-ooooohh shiiiiiiit!" line. It was wonderful. I also got to meet David Walker from Shortpacked! and tell him how much I loved the comic he did about Aslan and Harry Potter at the bus stop.

There were a few guys with guitars this year, one of whom was supposed to be Scott Pilgrim. He was very sweet and I regret that we didn't take a picture with him. We met him in the same area as Inspector Gadget, and he probably started playing the Inspector Gadget theme song. I tell you, you can't rehearse things like that.

Eventually my three hours of sleep and low blood sugar was beginning to catch up with me, right around the time my parents were going to come and get us, so good timing. Tick and I didn't want to leave, but ya know, there's always next year. Not too long after we got in the car I tipped my hat over my eyes and fell asleep, although it didn't feel like I fell asleep because I was sitting up. Tick insisted that I was OUT and that I talk in my sleep. Which he proceeded to text and tell everyone, I know because I received said text. ASS.



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