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My typical Anti-Valentine's Day post

Valentine's Day is bullshit.

It's nothing but a bunch of companies brainwashing people into emptying their wallets to prove that they care about someone. Sure, the same thing happens at Christmas. However, Christmas still retains some meaning. Despite its own commercialism, Christmas is still about giving more than recieving, looking back on the year, and spending time with your family. The only message I get from Valentine's Day is this, "Empty your wallet or die." 

Now, I used to enjoy Valentine's Day. When I was little I liked making little cards for my classmates and getting those little candy hearts and all that stuff. Then I got older, and actually started thinking for myself, and I became more conscious of the messages sent by this money-sucking castrating 'holiday'.

I also can't help but feel bad for the guys on this so-called 'holiday'. All the pressure is put on them, because if they don't give their girlfriend/wife a stupid pink teddy bear, a cheesy card, chocolate or pay out the ass for some diamonds, they're not getting. I'm not saying this is the case for every relationship and every woman, but it does happen a lot. 

I've often slapped my palm to my face at the irrationality of my own gender. I'll be the one to admit it, some women can be crazy bitches. On Valentine's Day, certain women become ravenous hell-beasts, snarling at their date for his attempt to make her happy by presenting her with a pathetic card or teddy bear. The women whose dates go out of their way to make them happy, flaunt and compare their wealth like it's a badge of honor that they've stripped their boyfriend/husband out of his money AND his spine in one go.

I know there are skeptics reading this and thinking "You just don't like Heart Day because you're single and you don't get anything." That is not true. I've recieved a love letter, I recieved one of those silly little teddy bears with a message on it. Not to say that I didn't think it was a empty gesture, because I got both from a boy who genuinely had feelings for me. I did feel bad because I didn't return those feelings. (Although to be fair, he KNEW I didn't) My parents also give me a little card and some chocolate and my dad once got me and my mom flowers. My parents exchange cards, but neither of them really goes over the top for each other. They even think buying the cards is a rip-off. One year, they ran into each other at CVS when they were picking out cards. So they exchanged the cards, read them, said 'Awww', put the cards back and walked out.

I doubt my position on this day will change if I'm in a relationship. I'd rather tell him that I love him every day instead of doing it once a year. He can do the same for me, and those who know me can confirm that I'm not demanding at all.

So there's my ten cents. Go buy your diamond bracelets and your cheap lingerie and your fattening chocolate. I'll be at home wearing all black and listening to 'I Hate Everyone' by Get Set Go on an endless loop.

Happy Singles Awareness Day!


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