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My typical Anti-Valentine's Day rant
Valentine’s Day is bullshit.

It is nothing more than a commercial-driven holiday. The same can be said for Christmas, but THAT holiday still retains some meaning. The message I get from Christmas is it’s better to give than receive, look back on the year, and spend time with your family. The only message I get from Valentine’s Day is ‘Empty your wallet or die.’

Don’t get me wrong, I used to like Valentine’s Day. When I was little, I liked making little cards for all of my classmates and getting candy and stuff. Now that I’ve grown up and am capable of independent thought, the hidden messages are now drawn to my attention.

Guys get the short end of the stick on this day of money-sucking and proverbial castration. The pressure is put on them to blow all their hard-earned cash on their wife/girlfriend, because that’s the only way to show they care. Of course those who can afford this bullshit go over-the-top because they can and it only puts more pressure on the guys who can’t.

I’ve often slapped my palm to my face at the irrationality of my own gender. Valentine’s Day is no exception. Certain women turn into ravenous hell-beasts just because ALL their significant other did was present them with a card or a teddy bear. Poor them. Those whose S/O DO empty their bank account for them flaunt it, like it’s a badge of honor they successfully stripped their boyfriend/husband of his money and spine in one fell swoop.

I have no doubt someone reading this is thinking “Well, she probably only feels this way because she’s single and hasn’t received anything.” That’s not true. My parents would give me a small gift. I’ve also received a love letter and one of those silly little teddy bears that come with a message. Both of them were from a boy who had a big crush on me, and while I wasn’t ungrateful, I felt bad because I didn’t return his feelings.

My own parents don’t take Valentine’s Day that seriously. They exchange cards, but that’s about it, and they think the cards are a rip-off anyway. One year, they ran into each other at CVS when they were looking for a card for each other. So they both picked a card, traded, read them, said “Aww, thank you”, put the cards back, and walked out.

So, I’m not being a bitter young woman here, I just know bullshit when I see it. That’s my two cents, and if anyone needs me tomorrow I will be home protesting by wearing all black and listening to ‘I Hate Everyone’ by Get Set Go on an endless loop.

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

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(Deleted comment)
Hehe, I was in a really bad mood when I typed this journal. It was one of my 'everything sucks' days. XD

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