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Well, holy crap I haven't posted since Heart Day.
I'm just going to put what I've been up to in a bulleted list, because I like those.

- I applied for a job at Payless, no word from them yet. I need money for seriously.
- I'm still addicted to Farmville, because I'm a loser.
- I've come to the realization that Benicio Del Toro is amazing.
- I have entered the worlds of Skype and Tumblr.
- I found recipes for grasshopper pie, sea salt ice cream, and rainbow cake and I am DYING to try them out.
- I also made a cookie pie weeks ago, and it was amazing.
- My older brother turned 24 on the 25th, and I will turn 20 on May 5th.
- I finally have a computer in my room, and I love it.
- After obsessively playing through Haunting Ground a bazillion times, I'm back to playing Rule of Rose a bazillion more times. This time I'm going to find the Broken Robots and unlock the Ragdoll costume!
- I found two cartoons on YouTube that I hadn't seen since I was six, and the nostalgia shock almost killed me. Not to mention the shitty animation.
- I really, really, really, really want to get Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on DVD.
- I still seriously need money.

That is all, peace bitches.


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