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Just 'cause.
Six Names You Go By:
1. Sarah
2. Toasty (short for Space Toaster)
3. redpapereyelids (my AIM name)
4. Dipshit (thank you Tick)
5. 9055
6. Miss Sarah (name used by relatives on my dad's side)

Three Things You Are Wearing Now:
1. My necklace of red pull-tabs
2. Black Converse
3. My sexy-ass gray jeans

Three Things You Want Very Badly At the Moment:
1. The new Birthday Massacre album
2. Motivation to not do my homework at the last minute
3. A newer laptop, preferably one with a webcam so I can make faces at my friends on Skype

Three People Whom You Hope Will Do the Meme:
1. Don't
2. Really
3. Care

Three Things You Did Last Night:
1. Went to Literature class.
2. Gearchatted with my Gears and LadyGears about anime, Disney movies, and sex.
3. Put on rap music and did this horrible ass-wiggling dance in my chair. ...What? You asked!

Three People You Last Talked to On the Phone:
1. Mommy
2. Kat
3. Supaman

Three Things You Are Going to Do Tomorrow
1. Laundry
2. Work on my speech for Saturday
3. Maybe film myself performing a monologue I found the other night

Four of Your Favorite Drinks:
1. Iced coffee
2. Sweet tea
3. Pepsi
4. Captain and Coke

Three Things That Made You Smile Today:
1. Talking to Kat on the phone
2. Going to the library after class
3. Remembering the new Birthday Massacre album came out yesterday. *wantwantwantwantwantDAMNIneedajob*

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Honestly I was in such an awful mood when I came on YouTube.. but? this had me laughing out loud! You must have had such fun making it! Thank you for cheering me up!!!¦
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