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The Super-Awesome-Mega-Happy-Big-Ass Update!
Well, since I haven't posted since September, here's another giant bulleted list of what I've been up to the past seven months.

- My literature professor was a total flake and missed like half of our classes and ended up getting fired when the semester ended in December.

- I had to get up at 7 AM every Saturday morning to attend my Public Speaking class, something I will never do again, EVER. But it was a good small class and I learned a lot. My speech on size acceptance got excellent reviews.

- I went with Kat to Philadelphia to go on a haunted prison tour, which was very cool. Got to eat at some awesome restaurants too!

- Even though I'm twenty I went trick or treating with some friends. I put on my black peacoat and drew stitches on my face, and I got a buttload of candy that lasted for about two weeks.

- We got our roof redone and I got to endure the sound of hammers and drills over my head as I tried to sleep in the morning.

- We went to my mom's cousin's house in upstate New York for Thanksgiving, and also went up to Lake Placid for the day, where we encountered snow. Stupid Me didn't bring gloves or a hat.

- Awesome Christmas where I received a lot of Betty White and Frida Kahlo-related items. And also a sock monkey whom I've named Fernando.

- Only taking two classes this semester, Intro to Algebra and Appreciation of Film. My Algebra professor is adorable and my Film professor is a slightly creepy hippie who dropped the F bomb like six times during the first class. Also, incredibly cute Turkish boy in Algebra class.

- I actually found some friendly people in my class whom I can sit with in Math lab, which is a nice change from sitting alone.

- I started taking tap-dance lessons with my mom and dad.

- I randomly got sick as a dog one day, including a fever that had me trembling with how cold I was, even though I was covered in blankets. The fever mercifully broke overnight and I felt ten times better.

- For Valentine's Day I got a cold sore the size of Jupiter...and also a bag of Jelly Bellies.

- I tapdanced with my mom to Achy-Breaky Heart in front of a bunch of old people. I remembered why I hate that song.

- I found out a friend got me a ticket for the Rammstein concert on May 5th, which is also my 21st birthday. So now I'm even more excited for my birthday this year.

- I finally got a job! I'll be working for Peapod deliveries filling out the orders and stuff. I have yet to start working though because they need me to do the paperwork but right now their computers are down. But the point is, I got a job.

- Tomorrow I'm meeting this Mary Kay lady that my friend recommended to me and she's going to give a free facial and talk about make-up and stuff. I'm looking forward to it. :3


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