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I think if my life were more interesting, I would post in here a lot more. I need to get out more, sheesh.

In other news, I was crammed down the front of Nathan Explosion's pants a few nights ago. Life is good.

Postin' up in dis shizz
Older Men I Would Like To Bang (in the order of which they pop into my head)

Peter Steele
Alec Baldwin
Patton Oswalt
George Hearn
Anthony Hopkins
Bazie 69
Sean Connery
Tim Robbins
Dan Ackroyd
Bruno Tonioli
Edward Norton
Alan Rickman
Eric Idle
Malcolm McDowell
James Remar
Norman Reedus
David Della Rocco
Robert Downey Jr.
Johnny Depp
Sir Ian McKellan
Viggo Mortensen
Hugh Jackman
James Marsden

(no subject)
Well I'm all signed up for my classes next semester, and I did it all by myself, just like a big girl! Now its just a matter of gettin' the books. Hopefully I can find a discount, and I'll be able to make some bread selling my books that I won't be needing anymore.


Also, Christmas approaches and I have no money for gifts. *Holds up 'Will do your dishes for $$$' sign*

(no subject)

Last night was the more horrifying dream of my life. I'm told that all of a sudden, my mom got sick and died. Suddenly, I'm back in RCS, where one of the teachers is being completely unsympathetic, so I screamed at her "FUCK YOU, FAT BITCH!" and I just couldn't stop screaming and crying. I had no idea where my dad and brother were, I was completely alone and helpless and all I could do was sit there sobbing. There were all these people around me and nobody seemed to care. It was awful.

Just awful.


Have you ever had one of those dreams where you scream and cry a lot, and when you wake up your throat feels all tight like you really were crying? That sucks.

On a more positive note, the other day my mom threw me a bag of peanut M&Ms and I actually caught it, with one hand. Usually my wonky vision gives me trouble with catching stuff. Oh well.

That's a first
I woke up from a dream this morning feeling like I want to cry.

I had a dream, where we were at a party at my maternal grandfather's house, but my paternal grandfather was there. He passed away in 1999 a few days before Christmas, and seeing him in the dream was like he came back from the dead. He was very weak, and I remembered helping my dad carry him onto a back porch to look at the stars. I'm tearing up even as I write this. It was one of the most real dreams I ever had.

Get away from my pizza, cat!

Today I read fanfic, got teary-eyed, ate some gluten-free pizza, cried, ate more pizza, and cried some more.

I don't want to go to class, but I should. Screw you, basic math.

Stuff I Did Today
- Downloaded the rest of Feist's 'Let It Die' album
- Went out for sushi with Mom
- Went shopping, got Joker make-up and necklaces for costume
- Discovered I got over my fear of creepy masks
- Went to Border's, bought Dethalbum II and a copy of Equus
- Writing a fanfic about William Murderface
- Plan to download Dethklok's first album


Salve Regina

This entry will be list-themed, as well as the rest of my entries, most of the time.

I'm hooked on Regina Spektor now. I collect alternative female artists like most old ladies would collect ceramic kitties.

Female Artists What Are Awesome
Bat For Lashes
Roisin Murphy
Regina Spektor

Also, I'm on a gluten-free diet. Tonight I made Pad Thai rice noodles with peas and eggs. It was SO good. Then later we had tacos, and I dubbed it Thai Taco Night.

I could teach you, but I'd have to charge.

I finally got that I.D. now, as well as a bank account started. It was kind of off-putting when I realized the girl who gave us a hard time last time was in my Psychology 101 class. Eek. It's pretty cool to know I can now purchase porn, cigarettes, and get into R-rated movies by myself....and I suppose being able to vote is pretty cool too. I didn't vote in the last election, I spilled black cherry tea all over the registration form.

College is pretty cool, it's not as much of a hassle as high school was. I especially like not having to ask a teacher to go to the bathroom or bothering with hall passes. The school's so small anyway, what kind of trouble could I get into? The other students aren't that bad either. I did get some riffing when I brought a caterpillar to math class, but the next class it was like it never happened. Either they forgot about it that quickly or they just didn't care. Either way, I'm in heaven.

I also broke up with my boyfriend. I spent two days tied up in a knot because I was afraid of how he would react, only to find out he wasn't interested anymore and didn't know how to tell me. So he decided to figuratively play dead until I left him on my own. I was losing sleep over nothing! I was so pissed. I thought he knew me well enough. I would have understood, I 'understood' all those times he kept cancelling plans on me with some bullshit excuse. I was not demanding of him at ALL, and he put everything else ahead of me. I'm hardly sad this is over, maybe next time I can find somebody who doesn't only give a shit about me when it suits him.

Also, most likely going to start a gluten-free diet for a while. I'll lose weight and I also found out it will help me with my PCOS. I'm not holding back for Kat's party or Halloween/Thanksgiving, but the rest of the time I'll be good.


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